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Featured on TV media! Cheese Taccarbie Main 【All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat with 2 hours】 All 6 items!

Featured on TV media! Cheese Taccarbie Main 【All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat with 2 hours】 All 6 items!

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Those cheeses are also satisfied with Mexican rice & cheese at the end of topping with Cheese Tacalcabi which said 'Fool to a fool!', Three kinds of cheese are involved in chicken, and the appetizer for the best dish is involved with Mexican rice at the end of the day ~ Dessert is a satisfying course of all six items! Popular at girls' society! Of course birthday will be changed to free Plate 【Advance reservation required】 4 ~ 12 people please.Six pairs a day will be limited! First come first serve



· Fresh fish carpaccio cheese dressing


· Seasonal vegetable coloring Caesar salad


· Bacon and mushroom ahijo


· Cheese Duck Calby Leg Chicken


· Rice & Topping Cheese


- Today's dessert

Mexican cheese rice to cook with stone grill dishes where taste of cheese and chicken blew into tightening is really

It is recommended.

- Cheese Taccarbie Legs Chicken 's Mystery Ecling -

1. Since chicken is hot, roll it with paper napkin and eat it.

2. Pay attention to excessive fire.

3. When the cheese burns, let's eat it with a fork and cheese scorching

4. You can add rock salt or honey mustard as you like OK!

5. When I finish eating chicken I baked chicken taste in a stone pot Mexican rice

6. Tie together the cheeses of topping, quickly turn off the fire and heat it with residual heat

7. Enjoy various ways of eating

All-you-can-drink menu

Red / white
· Cola / ginger ale / tonic water / soda / orange juice / oolong tea
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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